Freshly Squeezed Juice

Nutritional Assessment & Wellness

Full Day $375

In advance of our meeting, you will receive forms to fill out and send back. These forms will help me assess where you are and which systems are most out of balance. Before you arrive to my healing retreat, your assessment will be finished with a summary and recommendations. These will include dietary, lifestyle and if necessary, supplementation. You will receive a 3-day menu plan complete with recipes to get you started.

Also included in your package are 2 meals which we will prepare together. You will receive hands on training on how to prepare your meals. If you are interested in growing your own food, I will also teach you the basic skills. Should you require help with grocery shopping, we can work on that as well.

Depending on your interests and current needs, you can choose how you’d like to spend the rest of your day. You can choose to enjoy the serenity of my farm, we can go for a hike together, swim or float on the lake next door… the choice is yours.  The river is close by to  hike to and relax on the rocks or you can be guided through a meditation session or  a yoga class.

I will excited to guide and mentor you for the day which will allow for plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any aspects of your diet and lifestyle that are important to you...while relaxing and enjoying the process!


Weekend Recharge


The weekend retreat includes everything from the Full Day session. In addition, you spend 2 days and 2 nights in the peaceful and relaxing environment of the farm.

  • All meals are included.

  • Complete Kick-Start to your wellness program.

  • You will learn hands-on how to eat healthier, and how to manage a healthy lifestyle in your typical day. 

  • Set sustainable goals and acquire coping techniques and decision-making skills that will move you forward to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

This is YOUR weekend to RE-CHARGE and revive your inspiration for life!

Holding Hands

Follow Up Sessions

$45 /1hr session or 

$400 /10 x 1 hr sessions

 $65 /1 hour visit.

After you leave my beautiful retreat, I am available to help you on your journey. These sessions are available on skype, email, or phone. You are also welcome to come back for a 45-minute session at the retreat.

Home visits                                                        

Other weekend retreats at Beyond Holistics Farm Retreat that focus on specific topics are available. Please inquire for details and to book. Current offerings are:


→ Detox program

→ Weight loss

→ Hormonal Balance

→ Gut health

→ Mental health

→ Autoimmune conditions

→ Diabetes

→ Specific diets; Vegan, Raw, Paleo, Keto, Lectin/grain free



Beyond Holistics Other services Include:


→ Meals preparation and delivery

→ Grocery shopping-educational trip

→ Revamping your pantry and fridge to reflect changes that you are making


Seasonal produce available for purchase at the farm. Delivery available.


Please inquire for details and rates.